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Average Cost of a Toronto House Cleaning Service in 2023

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Nothing beats walking through the door and coming home to a spotlessly clean home after a long day. It is something that you can make happen daily by hiring professional cleaners.

The question is, how much does a house cleaning cost? It’s normal to ask about the average price for a house cleaner, especially if you want to hire one regularly.

If you are having trouble determining cleaning costs, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips on how to estimate how much a professional house cleaning service would set you back.

How to Estimate the Cost of House Cleaning Services

When it comes to house cleaning costs, it is important to understand that there are a number of factors that you need to consider. That is because many different conditions can make your Toronto house harder to clean.

One of the most obvious things that you need to look into is the size of your property. The bigger your living space is, the more time the house cleaners would need to do their jobs.

They would have to go through more bedrooms, bigger kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Naturally, you would have to pay them more.

Another point you need to think about is the condition of your place. If your house has seen better days and needs a lot of TLC, you can expect the cleaning service cost to be higher.

Now, a lot of things can contribute to the amount of dust and dirt that accumulates in your home.

How many of you are there in the family, and does your house see heavy foot traffic? Do you have pets that can track dirt inside and shed fur?

By answering these and other similar questions, you could get a good idea of the overall cost.

Finally, you have to decide which parts of your house to have cleaned. Whether you want a comprehensive cleaning service or not will have an impact on the cleaning bill.

How Much Does Master Maid Charge For House Cleaning in Toronto?

This article gives a breakdown of different options, but first we want to give you a short answer before you dive deeper and tell you how much Master Maid Charges for regular cleaning services:

2 Bedroom House Costs $169 + HST

3 Bedroom House Costs $209 + HST

4 Bedroom House Costs  $249 + HST

5 Bedroom House Costs $299 + HST

These are the prices for regular house cleaning service as of Spring 2023 and some extras are not included. There are also discount for regular clients. You can see the extras, discounts as well as make an appointment here.

The Average Cost of Cleaning Services

Every home is unique, so the cleaning costs would vary from one house to another. That said, you could use the average price to clean a house in your area as a basis.

There are two types of house cleaners: individual house cleaners and house cleaning companies. You can break professional cleaning companies down further into small businesses and large corporations.

Here’s a closer look at each type of house cleaner:

Individual Housekeepers

Individual house cleaners are self-employed, meaning a professional cleaning company does not hire them. Many of them are insured, but some are not, so this is something that you have to look out for.

Also, their insurance might not be as comprehensive as that of a reliable cleaning company. However, some independent cleaners are just as reliable and trustworthy as professional companies.

That said, they do not have to deal with high operating costs, which means they can charge less. In Toronto, the average cost of hiring an individual housekeeper ranges from $20 to $30 per hour.

Small, Locally-Owned Cleaning Businesses

Locally-owned cleaning businesses have a more structured operation than independent cleaners. Many of them are bonded and insured, providing some assurance for you as a client.

If you are not satisfied with their work or something gets broken during the cleaning session, you are protected. They have lower overhead costs than large companies, so their rates are typically a bit lower.

However, they can be more expensive than hiring an independent cleaner.

The average cost for house cleaning per hour in Toronto is around $40 to $55. Of course, it could still vary from business to business.

Large Cleaning Companies

Larger cleaning companies have more resources and can pay their employees more than small businesses. As a result, they can retain the best cleaners in the industry.

They have a strict hiring process and can do a thorough background check before employing someone. Moreover, they have a comprehensive training program, ensuring that the current best practices are implemented.

Some of the bigger companies are eco friendly cleaners committed to the safety of their clients and the environment. However, with higher labor costs and overhead costs, they tend to charge more.

With these companies, the average price for cleaning a house is around $60, but don’t be surprised if others charge over a hundred.

How Much Does a House Cleaning Cost by Types of Cleaning?

While you could hire different types of cleaners, you also have several options for types of cleaning. Each one requires its own cleaning process, which impacts the house cleaning service cost.

General Cleaning

General cleaning is also known as standard or basic cleaning. It involves weekly tasks done to ensure that there won’t be too much dust and dirt buildup in your house.

Since general cleaning is supposed to be done regularly, homeowners tend to use this service the most. If you plan to hire someone for this, you can choose from an hourly rate, weekly rate, or even monthly rate.

The average cost of general house cleaning services is $45 to $90 per hour and $75 to $250 per week. Weekly rates are more cost-effective than hourly rates, maybe due to the consistency in work volume.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a bit similar to general cleaning in terms of what parts of the house are included. When you deep clean, you also go from room to room until you have cleaned your entire home.

The difference is that the cleaning process is more in-depth, and you pay more attention to neglected spots. For instance, with general cleaning, you would clean the exterior of your kitchen appliances.

When you deep clean, you clean these items’ exterior and interior. It takes more time and energy to do and requires more cleaning products.

That is why deep cleaning costs more than general cleaning. It can range anywhere between $200 and $3,000, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done.

Move-in or Move-out Cleaning

Before you move into a new place or out of an old one, you must ensure that it is clean. This way, you won’t run into any problems once you start packing.

For example, having the place cleaned before you move out helps ensure you will get your deposit back. It also makes it easier to check if you left anything important.

On the flip side, cleaning a place before your family moves in makes it fit for occupancy. Also, you might want to invite new neighbors over, which is hard to do if the place is cluttered.

The average cost of move-on or move-out cleaning is $200 to $400.

After-Event Cleaning

The world is slowly learning to live with the COVID-19 virus, and people are already allowed to gather. If you did not have the chance to host an event in the past couple of years, now is your chance to do so.

However, this should not mean that you abandon all the things you have learned, like cleaning and sanitizing your home.

Once the party is over and the guests have left, you should restore your home to its base condition with a post-event cleanup. This cleaning service ensures that the trash is taken out, the dishes are washed, and the place is tidied up.

Its average cost ranges between $100 and $400.

Post-Construction Cleaning

If you have ever experienced doing a major home renovation, then you understand how hard it is to deal with the aftermath. That is especially true if you like DIY projects and have to face what is left over on your own.

Debris and construction materials are potentially hazardous to you and your family. You could easily trip over pieces of wood, step on sharp objects, and more.

The good thing is that most cleaning companies also offer this type of cleaning service. They have the tools and workforce to clean your home once your construction project is done.

The problem with this type of cleaning is that it is very hard to calculate an average cost. It could set you back anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Additional Costs and Considerations

In some cases, cleaning can be as simple as picking up clutter and vacuuming. Smaller households can get away with this more easily, as the dust and dirt they accumulate are easier to manage.

However, everything changes when it comes to big houses. There are also other things you need to consider in estimating how much does house cleaning costs.

Bathroom Count

The bathroom is one of the more challenging places to clean inside the house.

It can have many different surfaces, from chrome and brass to glass and porcelain. You would need more cleaning products and tools to do the job properly.

On top of this, the bathroom is also where many forms of contamination can develop over time. You have mildew and germs, soap scums, scaling, rust stains, and more.

In short, you need to pay more attention to this part of the house every time you do your cleaning. That is why professional house cleaning would cost you more the higher your bathroom count is.


Pets are known for being very helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, resulting in better mental health. That is why most households have at least one.

However, while the benefits of being a pet owner are undeniable, it can make your life a bit more difficult come cleaning time.

Most of these pets shed fur, which can stick to your carpets, upholstered furniture, beds, and other surfaces. They can also track dirt in from your yard or outdoor space.

Aside from muddy paws and dander, you also get the occasional urine stains. In other words, you need more time and additional cleaning supplies to clean up their messes.

That is why having more pets can increase your house cleaning cost a bit if you hire a professional.

Eco-Friendly Products

There is a wide range of cleaning supplies available for use today. Aside from having different brand options, you can choose non-allergenic, pet-friendly, and, of course, eco-friendly products.

They come with many benefits, but the biggest one is that they are safe for the household and the environment. This feature is very important if you have existing health concerns and if you are serious about protecting the Earth.

One drawback to using these products is that they can be more expensive than traditional ones. So if you ask your cleaner to use them, you can expect a slightly higher fee.

That said, most people would agree that the benefits far outweigh the added cost.

Add-On Services

A standard cleaning checklist covers a lot of tasks, but there are special items that are not included.

For instance, mold removal is not normally a part of general or even deep cleaning services. Also, the average maid services do not offer gutter cleaning as part of their usual offerings.

Another example is exterior window cleaning for two-story or more houses. Many of these cleaning tasks require either certification, specialized equipment, or both.

Not all companies have them, but some offer these services by request. That said, if you want to have these cleaning tasks done, it will entail additional costs.

Special Requests

Sometimes, your needs go beyond basic or deep cleaning and are not covered by a company’s list of add-on services either. In this case, you could try asking the cleaners and see if they can accommodate your request.

There are cleaning businesses willing to go the extra mile for their clients, especially for repeat customers. Even if they haven’t been cleaning for you for too long, there is a good chance that they will oblige you.

Of course, this is true only if what you are asking is reasonable and doable. However, they won’t be doing it for free, so you can expect to pay a bit more for these special requests.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpets are like giant sponges that can trap dust, dirt, allergens, and other small particles. So if you have one at home, you must clean it regularly using a vacuum. Otherwise, it would affect your indoor air quality and cause a long list of health problems. While Master maid does not offer specialized carpet cleaning in Toronto, we will vacuum and do our best on your carpets.

That said, vacuuming is not enough to really get rid of all the contamination. Carpets tend to hold onto these contaminants, especially deep within the carpet pile.

Your best recourse is to hire professionals to clean your carpet for you. On average, this service will set you back anywhere between $0.18 to $0.36 for every square foot.

Chimney Sweep Cost

An indoor fireplace would come in handy during the months-long cold spells. However, if you have one, it would mean having a chimney too, which is a bit challenging to clean.

Black creosote can build up and make your cleaner’s job much more difficult. Moreover, small critters can take up residence in parts of the chimney that are hard to reach.

The more obstacles your cleaner has to face, the higher the overall cost of the service. That said, chimney sweeping typically costs anywhere between $125 and $250.

Pressure Washing Prices

Pressure washing or power washing is the process of removing loose paint, dirt, mud, and other forms of contamination using pressurized water. This cleaning method applies to roofs, decks, sidewalks, patios, and other areas.

The amount of pressure needed and the kind of nozzle to be used depends on the type of surface to be cleaned.

Understandably, the cost of pressure washing services varies from one part of the house to another. For the sidings, you can expect to pay between $220 and $380, while the cost for driveways ranges from $130 to $220.

Power washing a deck or patio would cost around $250 to $420, depending on its size and condition.

Gutter Cleaning Cost

As mentioned above, gutter cleaning is not usually a part of a standard cleaning checklist. If you are going to hire a cleaner and thinking of having it done, you should ask for it explicitly.

Gutter cleaning can cost anywhere between $70 and $250 for an average 1,500-square-foot, single-story home. For a two-story home with a square footage of 2,500, the rates could go up between $100 and $250.

As with the other cleaning tasks, the price of this service would depend on the size of your property and the condition of your gutters. That said, gutter cleaning can be risky for the untrained or inexperienced.

So, in the end, hiring a professional to do the job is worth it.

Air Duct Cleaning Cost

Air ducts are essential components of most homes. This network of tubes connects your HVAC system to the rest of the house, cooling or heating your indoor space as needed.

However, fine dust can gather on the inner surfaces, vents, and even the motor. If you neglect it, there is a good chance that it will attract mold, bacteria, and other microscopic pests.

The good thing is that you can hire a professional cleaner to do this for you. It would cost you around $30 to $40 per duct, but you can ask for a partial or full cleaning, depending on your need.

Pool Cleaning Cost

A pool is a good investment that can increase your property’s value and provide entertainment for your family. Like a car or any other asset, you need to maintain it to keep functioning as designed. This way, you get the most value for the money you spend on it.

However, not everyone has the time or skills to keep a pool clean. If you are in the same situation, you should hire professional cleaners to do the job for you.

Standard pool cleaning costs usually range from $110 to $349, depending on its size or the number of tasks involved.

House Cleaning Cost Calculator

If it is your first time hiring a cleaning company, they will typically send someone to do a walkthrough inspection. This way, they can evaluate more accurately how much they will charge you.

Some use an automated tool that can provide an estimate based on certain parameters. This includes the size of your property, the type of cleaning services you want, and more.

In any case, most cleaners charge by the hour or per square foot, but there are also those with a fixed rate fee.

House Cleaning Prices Per Square Foot

The average cleaning cost for every square foot is between $0.10 and $0.17. If your house is smaller than others, you can expect to pay somewhere in the lower range.

On the flip side, you might be paying around $0.17 per square foot if you have a sizeable property. The average cleaning cost is $0.14 for every square foot.

House Cleaning Rates Per Hour in Toronto

As mentioned above, cleaners can also charge an hourly rate.

Most companies ask for anywhere between $20 and $65, depending on the amount of work involved. They can send over more than one cleaner if needed, in which case, you can expect a higher fee.

Again, they can provide an accurate assessment on how much do cleaning services cost by doing a walkthrough beforehand.

Master Maid currently charges $45 Per hour for Toronto cleanings.

House Cleaning Cost Per Room

Another way to estimate the cleaning cost is by counting the number of rooms in your house. For a one-bedroom house, the rate starts at $110.

The average cost of cleaning a two-bedroom house is $126 per room, while a three-bedroom house would set you back $143 for each room. A four-bedroom house usually costs around $175 per room to clean, whereas a five-bedroom house is $198 for each room.

You might need a customized estimate if you have six rooms or more.

Apartment Cleaning Prices

Basic cleaning costs usually start at $75 and top at $110 for one-bedroom and one-bathroom apartments. Move-out cleaning services for this size cost around $110 on average.

The average basic cleaning cost for two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments is $135 and $180, respectively.

How to Save Money on House Cleaning

Reputable cleaning companies charge a reasonable rate, but not everyone can afford to use comprehensive services. The good news is that there are ways to manage the costs, so you do not miss out on the benefits of professional house cleaning.

Cleaning Packages

One way to convince cleaning companies to give you a favorable rate is to guarantee them a consistent volume of work. You can do this by asking for a recurring package instead of a one-time cleanup.

A weekly cleaning schedule is enough for most households, but you could also ask them to come over every two weeks.


Many cleaning companies today come up with different ways to draw customers.

One of the most common strategies is to offer discounts from time to time. Some offer preferential rates to seniors, veterans, single mothers, and others.

Make sure you look out for these markdowns by visiting the websites of cleaning companies in your area.


If you have access to affordable cleaning supplies, buy your own and have the cleaners use these instead of the company-issued products.

Doing this will help you shave off a few dollars from the cleaning services, as you have control over the cost of the materials. It also gives you the freedom to choose the cleaning products that you prefer personally.


Another way to reduce your house cleaning costs is to lessen the load on your cleaner. Make a habit of picking up clutter or tidying up after yourself.

This way, you maintain a certain level of cleanliness in between your cleaning schedule. The less work there is for them to do, the lower they will charge you.

Choose Rooms

If there are areas in your room that seldom see foot traffic, you can ask the cleaners to skip them. Just choose the rooms that are most used so you can reduce the overall cost and still have a clean living space to enjoy.

Choose Services

Aside from selecting certain rooms only, you could also hand-pick which services to use. For instance, you can ask them beforehand not to include your laundry or windows during the cleaning.

FAQs About Cost of Cleaning Services

1. How can I save money on a cleaning service?

If you want to reduce your house cleaning cost, you must keep one thing in mind: lighten the load for the cleaners. The less work they need to do, the sooner they will be finished, which means they will charge you less.

2. Is a cleaning service worth it?

Hiring a professional is worth it if you are too busy with work and family obligations and don’t have time to clean. Using a cleaning service allows you to live your life and still have a clean and safe place to come home to.

3. Should I tip my housekeeper?

It is not mandatory, but you could tip your cleaner to show your appreciation for a job well done. An additional 15% to 20% of the overall cost should be enough, but it all depends on how satisfied you are with the result.

Get the Most Value for Your Money

If you are looking for a cleaning company that will give you the most value for your money, choose Master Maid. We have been serving homeowners across the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade and have won several awards along the way.

Our team of dedicated and well-trained cleaners is ready to meet all your house cleaning needs, from basic cleaning to post-construction cleaning.

Call us today for a free consultation or estimate on how much does a house cleaning cost in Master Maid!

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