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House or Condo Cleaning Rates

For our standard cleaning service, we offer flat rate fees for houses, apartments and condos.

Studio or 1 bedroom – $149
2 bedroom – $169
3 bedroom – $229
4 bedroom – $269
5 bedroom – $310
6 bedroom – $389

There are number of add-ons available such as deep cleaning, inside the fridge and stove etc. Learn more about our cleaning services Toronto  or order below.

Office Cleaning Prices in GTA

Every commercial space has different needs but the biggest variable is the size of the space. Here’s an indication of prices depending on square footage. The best way to get an estimate is to have us visit your office or store and we will be able to do a proper cleaning service quote. Visit our page on Office Cleaning Services to learn what’s usually included.

Total area is under 700 sq. feet $60 per Visit
Total area of 701 – 1000 Sq. feet $90 per Visit
Total area of 1001 – 2000 Sq. feet $120 per Visit
Total area of 2,001+ Sq. feet Please Call for Custom Quote

Contact us if you are looking for a custom quote

What You Get

All Areas

  • Empty Garbage Bins

  • Vacuum & Mop All Floors

  • Dust All Surfaces

  • Dust Furniture

  • Clean Light Switches

  • Doorknobs


  • Wipe Fridge (outside)

  • Clean Countertops

  • Wipe Appliances

  • Clean Sink

  • Clean Stove

  • Clean Inside Microwave

  • Clean Stainless Steel

  • Wipe Oven (outside)


  • Clean Countertops

  • Scrub Toilets

  • Wipe Bathroom Cabinets (outside)

  • Clean Sinks

  • Clean Bath Tubs

  • Clean Showers

  • Clean Mirrors & Fixtures

Living Area

  • Quick Floor De-Clutter
  • Make Beds
  • Dust All Surfaces
  • Dust Furniture
  • Wipe Table Tops
Weekly discount
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Bi-weekly discount
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Tri-weekly discount
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Monthly discount
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Recurring cleaning discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or credits. For homes larger than 3900 square feet, please email us for a quote.

Post Construction Cleaning Prices

For Post Construction cleaning it is a bit more difficult to give a cleaning rate, because the actual price really depends on the condition of the property. As guidance, we charge a flat hourly rate of $50/Hour. A typical 3 Bedroom Toronto Bungalow (1600 Square feet) usually takes two cleaners 7 hours to clean top to bottom. That’s a total of 14 Hours or $700 + HST.

To avoid budgeting disappointments and to get an an accurate post renovation cleaning rate for your house, please give us a call prior to booking a post reno cleanup. We will be able to provide an estimate based on our prior experience in doing post construction cleaning jobs in Toronto.

Move Out Cleaning Prices in Toronto

For move in / move out cleaning service we add additional fees depending on the number of bedrooms. Below is the total for the move in or move out clean:

Move in/Out Studio or 1 bdr –  $318 + HST
Move in/Out 2 bdr –                  $358 + HST
Move in/Out 3 bdr –                  $443 + HST
Move in/Out 4 bdr –                  $508 + HST
Move in/out 5 bdr –                   $559 + HST
Move in/Out for 6 bdr –            $648  + HST

Add On Cleaning Services

Pet hair cleaning add $45 for up to three bedrooms ($50 for more than three bedrooms).

Interior Window – One and Two Bedrooms $85
Interior Window – Three and Four Bedrooms $130
Interior Window – Five and Six Bedrooms $150

Finished Basement Cleaning Cost

Basement – One Bedroom  + $69
Basement – 2 Bedroom       + $75
Basement – 3 Bedroom      +  $85
Basement – 4 Bedroom       + $110
Basement – 5 Bedroom       + $129
Basement – 6 Bedroom      + $139

*Post renovation cleaning is provided as an hourly service only. Our flat rates are subject to the property being in a state of normal repair. If the property has not been professionally cleaned, nor maintained by the occupant, and deemed to be in a state of bad repair by our cleaners, we will advise you prior to starting the work that we need to switch to an hourly rate of $50 / hour per maid. Hourly cleaning services are subject to our discretion