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We provide one-time and regular cleaning services for homes and offices in Greater Toronto Area since 2011


Our professional cleaners are friendly, background-checked and experienced. We are also a registered and insured cleaning service in Toronto.

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Let us do the dirty work. Really. Just sit back, relax and let us take care of your cleaning needs anywhere in the GTA, including North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough.

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Need last minute clean up? We are often available last minute. Oh and our prices are very competitive in Toronto.

Our Prices

Cleaning Services


Large portion of our clients need a hand every now and then. Whether it’s a house or a condo, we are happy to help. Learn more about different offerings and ask us about discounts for regular clients.

If you are moving into a new space or simply want to leave the place in a great condition for the next tenant, we have you covered. We will take extra care to make sure you are comfortable and happy moving into your new clean and scentless home.

We work with many AirBnB customers. 

Their needs are different and we understand that you require speed, discretion and probably laundry. 

If you are an AirBnB host, and need a reliable partner, we are here for you.

Our post construction cleaning service in Toronto and GTA are fully customizable to your needs. We are open to hourly jobs without any contracts. We have worked with smaller post renovation jobs to getting brand new subdivision ready for move ins.

We will make sure that you, your employees, and your customers are satisfied with the cleanliness of your office space. We offer after hours services so that your employees are not disturbed. We are trusthworthy and reliable. We have already helped many clients in Toronto and we would like to add you on our list!

Our Service Areas in Greater Toronto

Our main office is in Toronto, but our cleaning services are available in the Greater Toronto Area, Oakville, North York, Vaughan, and many other cities in Ontario. You may also reach us via (647) 888-8441 for inquiries regarding our service locations.

Best Maid and House Cleaning Services Toronto​

Finding a company that offers cleaning services in Toronto is easy. With just a few clicks of a button or a quick call to a number on an ad, you can quickly book a schedule for a house cleaning service.

But can you really trust a random company you found while strolling to take care of your home? If your answer to that is “I’m not sure,” don’t worry.

You can leave your beloved home to our professional maid cleaning services. We pride ourselves in making sure Torontonians can go home in a clean and safe environment.

That’s the Master Maid guarantee.

Professional Cleaning Services: Who Is It For?

First things first. Who needs professional house cleaning services? If you’re on this list, be sure to give our Toronto cleaning services a call!


1. Busy Professionals

In 2022, Toronto had a workforce of more than 3.5 million people. Many of them are busy professionals. Master Maid has many clients in this category. We understand how hectic it is to earn a living.

We’re here to remove one item from your to-do list. You can spend your day at the office and trust our most reliable cleaning services to give you a spotless haven to come home to.

We’ll do the dirty work while you can focus on you.

2. Families

There are more than one million households in Toronto. The average household consists of two to three people, most of whom are families.

While you may find several cleaning services in Toronto, the challenge arises when looking for an efficient and safe company.

Our cleaning company utilizes the best and most reliable green cleaning supplies to avoid strong chemicals that may harm your family.

That’s why we receive no customer complaints, even with our deep cleaning services that use concentrated cleaning solutions for the toughest stains

3. Home Sellers and Realtors

The average cost of a house in downtown Toronto and most of the surrounding area is around $1 million, while condo apartments are around $700,000.

If you want your property to shine during showings (put intended) you must ensure it’s visually appealing.

Our professional cleaning services (Toronto) is an excellent way to present your home in best light and maybe eve n increase your home’s resale value. 

We work with many home sellers and realtors in GTA and would love to hear from you. 

4. You

Home cleaning is not everyone’s favorite chore, and there’s no shame in that! If you don’t enjoy the grunt work, let us address all your cleaning needs.

Our booking form is readily available on our website. Our carefully selected team of professional cleaners will be at your door at a convenient time for you and any day of the week.

We also offer recurring maid service if you need to deep-clean your home weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

What Our House Cleaning Services (Toronto) Offers

To experience the best house cleaning services in Toronto, choose any of MasterMaid’s offers.

Standard Cleaning Service

This is the best option if you need a regular maid or a team of highly-trained cleaners to provide you with recurring residential cleaning services.

Our weekly maid service refreshes the current condition of your home from cabinets and tables to floors. We also empty your garbage bins and replace them before leaving.

Spring Cleaning/Deep Cleaning Service

If you’ve been on vacation for quite some time, you trust our deep home cleaning services to leave every inch of your property spotless.

Our professional cleaning staff understands that every cleaning job is unique, which is why we draft a method that’s specifically tailored to your home’s needs.

Whether it’s your baseboards, the attic, basement, or deep-seated dirt and grime on surfaces, we have the best cleaning services in Toronto.


Our Cleaning Service Rates

MasterMaid’s home cleaning, regular maid service, and emergency cleaning services are available in Downtown Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Vaughan, and other parts of the city.

Our rates are consistent regardless of which area in Toronto you’re in. We base them according to the number of bedrooms in your home.

  • Studio/One Bedroom – $149

  • Two Bedroom – $169

  • Three Bedroom – $229

  • Four Bedroom – $269

We also offer customized cleaning services based on our client’s needs. 

This is why we introduced several add-ons in our booking process. Feel free to include these “Extras” when you avail of our house cleaning services.

  • Pet Hair Cleaning

  • Balcony Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Finished Basement

  • Interior Window Cleaning

  • Inside Cabinets

  • Inside Oven

There are other add-ons on our booking page, and we also accommodate residential properties with more than four bedrooms.

However, we ask our clients to call or email us so we can provide them with an accurate quote for the service

When to Book Our Cleaning Services in Toronto

Our house cleaning service is available any day of the week. We offer three daily schedules to allow for more flexibility and ensure we arrive at a time most convenient for you.

You can choose between 8:30 AM, 11:30 AM, or 2:30 PM. However, we ask our customers to provide us with a two-hour arrival window to account for the unpredictability of traffic and parking spaces.

Nonetheless, once our expert cleaners and their supplies arrive at your place, you can sit back, enjoy, relax, or do whatever you must while we

 revamp your home.

Where to Find the Best Professional Maid House Cleaning Services

To experience the best house cleaning services in Toronto, visit our booking page. The five-step process ensures we know everything we need to learn about your cleaning needs


You can also call us at (647) 888-8441, email us at, or visit our main offi

ce at 275 Shuter St., Toronto, ON M5A 1W4.

What We Clean

Our house cleaning services in Toronto mainly focus on three major areas of your home. Here’s what we do with each of them.


  • Clean Counters

  • Clean Appliances

  • Clean Cabinets

  • Vacuum Floors

  • Mop Floors

  • Clean Backsplash

  • Clean Tiles

  • Empty Garbage Bins

Living / Dining / Bedrooms

  • Vacuum Floors

  • Mop Hardwood/Tiles

  • Clean Tables

  • Clean Counters

  • Clean Cabinets

  • Clean Glass Windows

  • Empty Garbage Bins


  • Clean Glass/Mirrors

  • Clean Faucets

  • Clean Sinks

  • Clean Tubs

  • Clean Shower

  • Clean Toilets

  • Sweep Floors

  • Mop Floors

  • Empty Garbage Bins

Our Cleaning Supplies

Aside from our professionalism, highly-trained cleaners, and state-of-the-art equipment, we pride ourselves on our green cleaning products.

Here are some of the most common products we use:

  • Mr. Clean

  • Easy-Off

  • Eco-Friendly All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaners

  • SOS Sponges

  • Windex/Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaners

  • Eco-Friendly Dish Soap

  • Vinegar

  • Other Cleaning Products If Necessary

Other Professional Cleaning Services We Offer

Aside from house cleaning, we also offer other services for all your Toronto cleaning needs. Here’s a quick rundown of some of them.

Office Cleaning

We pride ourselves in successfully maintaining many commercial properties in Toronto to help businesses boost their productivity with a safe and clean environment.

Our advanced cleaning equipment and carefully selected team of cleaners are perfect for restaurants, beauty salons, medical/dental offices, and other retail or industrial spaces.

MasterMaid’s office cleaning rates depend on the property’s total square footage.

  • Under 700 sq. ft. – $60 per visit

  • Between 701 to 1,000 sq. ft. – $90 per visit

  • Between 1,001 to 2,000 sq. ft. – $120 per visit

If your commercial space is above 2,000 square feet, feel free to email us or call our number so we can provide you with a quote.

Post Construction Cleaning

Our house cleaning services are not just for home maintenance. We also offer them to homeowners who have recently built or renovated their houses.

You can take all the time and energy you need to renovate your home and leave the dirty work to us.

We’ll eliminate all the dust, dirt, and debris left behind by your renovation project and bring you closer to your dream home.

Our Toronto rate for post-construction cleaning is $50/hour per cleaner, regardless of the house’s current condition.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Big moves are extremely stressful! On the one hand, you have to make your new place feel like home. Alternatively, you must ensure the last place is clean for the next tenant/owner.

MasterMaid offers services for that as well. Our move-in cleaning includes wiping tables and countertops, dusting surfaces, cleaning cabinets, and scrubbing bathrooms.

You can also employ this service if you’re leaving your home in Toronto. Our move-out cleaning service will help eliminate year-old stains and restore the house’s quality.

MasterMaid’s move-in/move-out cleaning rates vary depending on the number of bedrooms in the house. Here are our Toronto pricing plans.

  • Studio/One Bedroom – $318 + HST

  • Two Bedroom – $358 + HST

  • Three Bedroom – $443 + HST

  • Four Bedroom – $508 + HST

Why Choose Our Cleaning Service?

Toronto is a constantly booming city, and we can’t deny that you may find several house cleaning services in the industry that offer the same packages.

However, we can assure you that we’re the only cleaning company with passion and commitment towards the job.

We are the leading cleaning company in Toronto, and here are some reasons why.


Multi-Awarded Cleaning Company

Torontonians have trusted our cleaning services since 2011. As proof of that, we’ve received the Consumer Choice Award six times since our conception.

Our team of cleaners, researchers, and executives continuously improve how we conduct our clean-up sessions.

We only use eco-friendly products, and we make the process as easy as possible for our clients. That’s how much we value the relationship we have with you.


Our cleaning service is premium quality, but our prices are not. We charge significantly lower than other companies because we care more about customer relationships than making money.

That’s also why we don’t charge extra fees for cancellation, nor do we hide any fees that’ll surprise you when you receive the bill.

If we say you pay us a certain price, we mean it.

Safe Transactions

We understand how risky it is to pay for cleaning online. That’s why we employ a third-party payment channel to keep your banking information safe.

Our job is to clean your home; we reflect that in how we conduct our business. Our transactions are squeaky clean, so is our service.


Our maid service employs highly-trained and extremely professional cleaning staff. We conduct background checks before accepting applicants to ensure you’re safe whenever we visit.

We reflect this efficiency on our booking page as well. The entire process will take you less than a minute to complete.

You simply need to provide us with essential information, and we’ll be at your doorstep at your preferred time and date.


Lastly, we’re the most flexible cleaning service you can work with in Toronto. Aside from our deep arsenal of cleaning supplies, we also offer various add-ons and extra services to meet your needs.

Our office, post-construction, post-renovation, move-in, move-out, and AirBnB cleaning services also allow us to accommodate Torontonians from all walks of life.

MasterMaid: The No. 1 Toronto House Cleaning Services

So, if you need to restore or reimagine your home, look no further than MasterMaid. We’re more than just a cleaning company. We’re a reliable partner that’ll make your life a little easier.

Some Questions We Get Asked Frequently:

We service Toronto and GTA

Our flat rate starts at $130 per 1 bedroom apartment and our hourly rate is $40. For more details visit our Pricing Page

We offer two hour arrival windows at 8:30 a.m, 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. For more details are on the booking page.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer the same day cleaning service. As much as we want your business, it is super difficult logistically for us to manage. We can, however, book you for the next day cleaning.

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