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Our Post Renovation & Post Construction Cleaning Service in Toronto

Taking on a construction project can be a big endeavour, regardless of whether you’re a builder demolishing and rebuilding a home or an average homeowner looking to make some updates and renovations in your house or apartment. You may be taking down and rebuilding walls, making updates in your bathroom and kitchen, or just switching up your cabinetry. After you are done, cleaning after renovations can be very challenging. Trust us. We know 🙂

The challenge lies not only in taking out the debris and large construction material, but as they say ‘the devil is in the detail’. And the biggest nuisance here is dust. It penetrates carpets and furniture that are exposed to it. Dust settles on windows, baseboards, floors, walls, counters, and anywhere imaginable, often even cupboards and inside the appliances.

Luckily, a professional cleaning company with experience in cleaning post-construction is here for you at your service. With almost 8 years of experience under our belt we have been cleaning houses around Toronto and GTA after small renovation projects and after large reconstructions inside houses and apartments. Despite the seemingly endless mess post construction, our staff gets rid of dust, dirt and small debris with ease. Having worked with builders, construction companies, real estate agents and homeowners, we have had great feedback and constant repeat services. That is why we are confident that you will be happy with our post-renovation cleaning service.

Our post-construction cleaning services Toronto and GTA are fully customizable to your needs. We are open to hourly jobs without any contracts. Our staff easily takes direction, and always makes sure our customers are left fully satisfied. If you already have your hands full with construction and renovations, leave the cleaning up to us. We will take great care of your home and leave it spotless and dustless for your to enjoy it, as if it was brand new.

Post Construction & Post Renovation Cleaning Prices

Cleaning rates for post construction cleaning often start at $300 for a 1-2 bedroom condo all the way up to thousands of dollars. An average 3 bedroom Toronto house will take 18 hours to clean after a renovation and will cost $810. You can get a feel of our cleaning fees here.

What is the Post renovation cleaning hourly rate?

Post construction cleaning hourly rate is $50 per employee hour. Expect to be charged only for the number of hours cleaners spend on the job. The Actual estimate will mostly depend on the square footage and the type of construction that was completed.

We strongly encourage you to give us a call prior to booking the post construction cleaning service to avoid any budgeting disappointments.

How is Post Construction Cleaning different?

Post-construction cleaning is an essential cleaning service that helps make a property ready for occupancy after construction or renovation work has been completed. This type of cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of all surfaces to remove any remaining construction dust and debris. To do a thorough job, it is important to have the right tools and supplies and to have a team of experienced and detail-oriented cleaners.

Do I Need to be there for the post constructing cleaning?

No. As long as the cleaners have an ability to get inside, you do not need to by physically present for the post renovation cleaning to be done. Most of the customers leave a lockbox or have contractors let the cleaning personnel in. 

We service Toronto and GTA. but are willing to travel to bigger post construction jobs outside of the city. Get more details here.

We charge by the hour and our rate is $50. We will only charge you for number of hours that we clean and can give you a quote Pricing Page

We will start on the areas that are finished, and then work around the schedule of the contractors.

Yes we do. Most of the post construction jobs don’t have the vacuum and cleaning supplies, so we will bring them with us.

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