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Cleaning vertical blinds is not a difficult task once you know how to properly clean them without damaging them. Dust and grime can build up on the blinds fairly quickly. Thus, it is best to clean them at least once a month. There are two types of blinds – vinyl and fabric. Your choice of tools, supplies and technique of cleaning the blinds will depend on which type you have. 

cleaning vertical blinds

Vinyl Blinds 

Gathering supplies is number one step in cleaning vertical blinds. You will need some warm water, microfibre cloth, and dish soap. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials, for they may damage the vinyl. 

Your vinyl blinds are likely attached to the windows with small clippings. Firstly, remove blinds from their clips. Slide a card under the clipping and remove the blind gently. It is best to do it in order not to damage the blinds while cleaning, and not to break them off of the clips. 

Secondly, dilute the dish soap in warm water, dip the cloth, and wipe the blinds clean. Clean them in a downward motion, moving from top to bottom. Once you are finished with the dish soap water, wipe them clean with just warm water. Finally, pat them dry. Once they have completely dried, you can hang them back into their place. 

Cloth Blinds

Unlike vertical blinds, cloth blinds are not as easily detachable. However, it is also not as easy to break them as it is with vinyl ones. 

For cleaning cloth blinds, you will need a vacuum cleaner with a small brush attachment, dish soap and warm water. 

Put on small brush attachment onto the vacuum cleaner. Gently move from top to bottom, vacuuming the vertical blind while supporting it with your other hand from the back. 

If you have stains on the material blinds, you can use microfibre cloth with soap water to remove them. However, it is important to only dab the stain and not scrub it, because it may cause more staining. Do not put fabric blinds into the washing machine. 

If you ever need a hand cleaning vertical blinds, there are a number of specialized companies that offer such a service. They can come to your house or sometimes you can take them off and bring it to such a cleaning service. For all of your other cleaning needs please keep Master Maid in mind 🙂

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