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Putting off cleaning blinds is not uncommon. Cleaning venetian blinds can be a challenging undertaking. Dust and grime can easily build up on the blinds. And this can be difficult to clean. Here are several tips and tricks to make this task a little easier.


The material that the blinds are made out of – plastic or wood – will determine the best suitable cleaning solution. When cleaning venetian blinds, use light soap detergent or other cleaning solution. You can use blind specific solutions. You can also use all-purpose cleaning solution. If you have stains that emerged on the blinds, you can use a simple home-made solution of vinegar and warm water. 


Your best bet while cleaning the dust off of your venetian blinds is to use microfibre cloth or a microfibre duster. However, at the beginning of the process, depending on how much dust has built up, it’s best to use a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to adjust a proper small brush that will get the blinds from all sides, as well as their corners. 


Number one step is to clean surfaces with a dry cloth or vaccuum. For this, use appropriate vacuum brush or microfibre cloth or duster to clean off the dust. Leave the blinds open while dusting. Dust blinds moving from left to right and from the top to the bottom. Meanwhile, make sure to get both sides of the blinds.

Cleaning Venetian blinds is not an easy task

Venetian Plastic Blinds 

After removing dust from the plastic blinds, remove the blinds and soak them in warm water. Soak the blinds at least for an hour. Afterwords, remove them from water and wipe off remaining dirt. 

Venetian Wood Blinds 

After removing all the dust from your wood blinds, you can use a wood cleaning solution, or any of the cleaning products mentioned above. Make sure to wipe off the surface clean. Do not leave any water or heavy moisture on your wood blinds. Water can permanently damage wood surfaces and stain them. 

Cleaning your blinds regularly, at least once a week, will ensure that the dust and grime doesn’t build up in unmanageable amounts. The difficult part about cleaning blinds is getting all sides, edges and corners. However, our professional staff can take this challenging task of cleaning your venetian blinds off your back. Call us today to book your appointment.

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