How To Clean a Bathroom the Right Way

Everyone wants a clean bathroom, but no one looks forward to scrubbing the toilet bowl or shower walls. Many people think that tasks like these are tedious and time-consuming, which is true for the most part. That said, there are ways to make bathroom cleaning feel like less of a

How Long Does a Cleaner Take To Clean a House?

How long does it take to deep clean a house? If you are like most homeowners, you’re probably asking the same thing. While you may have some experience with basic cleaning, there’s a good chance you haven’t tried deep cleaning your entire home. You can hire professional cleaners to do

When To Hire a Cleaning Service

Contrary to what some people might think, hiring a maid service is not just for wealthy homeowners. Everyone has cleaning needs, but only a few can spend enough time cleaning their homes. That’s why it makes sense for anyone to turn to professional cleaners. That said, how do you know

10 signs of a good & bad cleaning lady

Cleaning services, whether residential or commercial, vary in their pricing and quality of their work. What matter in the process of you hiring a cleaning service or an independent cleaning lady is your experience from estimates and booking, to having a clean house, and everything in between. If you have

10 Things to do Before Cleaning Service Comes

Whether you have hired a cleaning service before, or it’s your first time, you may have some questions in terms of what to expect and what to do before the cleaning service comes. You may have questions about house cleaner etiquette, policies, conduct and who they are in general. We

13 Tips How to Clean a Balcony

Balcony, like any other area of your living space, needs good care, maintenance and a regular clean. Whether you use your balcony often or not, dust and debris from the outside tend to settle in and stay on the concrete surfaces of your balcony, and especially in the fabric of

Top Residential Cleaning Services Toronto

If you live in Toronto, you likely have a busy lifestyle – preoccupied with your career, studies or taking care of family. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. With a lifestyle like that, it’s not always easy to find the time to clean your home, whether you live in a

Best 5 Ways to Clean Toilet without Harsh Chemicals

Maintaining a clean bathroom is essential for any home or business owner. Not only is it a health and sanitary issue, but an aesthetic one too. It is rarely voiced out loud, but it’s extremely common for guests to notice the state of cleanliness of your bathroom. Trust us, we

Office Cleaning Supplies

6 Office Cleaning Supplies You Should Have at All Times

Are you looking for a list of office cleaning supplies for your workplace or home? Take this list to store next time you are need to stock up on cleaning items for your office. And it’s not just the office that needs to be regularly cleaned. People around the world

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning – Why is it a thing?

Why Clean in Spring ? Not that anyone needs a good reason to clean, but cleaning in spring is important for several reasons. Firstly, it’s important for one’s health and mental health. Secondly, a lot of pollen and dust tend to be up in the air around spring time. Finally,

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