Reducing Dust in Toronto Home

Reducing Dust in Your Toronto Home

There’s just no argument about it, dust is the absolute worst. It gets in the hardest areas to reach, it builds up quickly, and it can even damage devices and appliances. Our beloved pets shed their fur, and many people are allergic to dust in general. No matter who you

Maid Service vs Housekeeper

Maid Service vs Housekeeper: Which One is Better?

Do you have a space that needs cleaning but you’re unsure of who to hire for the job? Most people will turn to a maid service or housekeeper if they’re looking for help without even knowing the differences between them.  Maid services and housekeepers might leave your home or office

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Housekeeper vs. Cleaning Service

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Housekeeper vs. Cleaning Service

Their end goal might be the same, but independent housekeepers and professional cleaning services will clean your home or professional workspace in very different ways. Sure, they’ll both come to your property to clean up, but the methods they use and the results they achieve will differ greatly. It’s time

How to prevent dust

Tips and Tricks for Reducing Renovation Dust

The biggest cleaning problem after a big renovation job is dust. Sawdust, drywall, and other kinds of dust can build up quickly and cover everything, which is an issue for your beautifully renovated room. The best way to deal with this is by reducing the amount of dust created during

Guide to Cleaning up After Construction

A Quick Guide to Cleaning up After Construction

You’ve completed your renovations and there’s just one thing left to do before enjoying your new space, cleaning. After all that work, tidying up is probably the last thing you want to do, but the mess left behind after a big construction project can’t be ignored. We’ve created a guide

Airbnb Cleaning Fee

Setting Your AirBnb Cleaning Fee

Your Airbnb guests have come and gone, and now it’s time to clean up, a process that many hosts dread and fear. The last thing you want to see when you go back into your property is a destructive mess, especially if you have limited time to prepare for the

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Cleaning vertical blinds is not a difficult task once you know how to properly clean them without damaging them. Dust and grime can build up on the blinds fairly quickly. Thus, it is best to clean them at least once a month. There are two types of blinds – vinyl

When to clean windows?

Deciding when to clean windows can be a difficult choice. Understanding what season to clean in, type of temperature best suited for the task, and the time of day to choose to get best results can all be important aspects for picking the right time. Best time of year to clean

What cleaning products are safe for cats?

  If you have pets at home, you know that maintaining cleanliness of your home can be a bit of a tedious undertaking. However, you may also be concerned about what cleaning products are safe for cats and dogs. It is important to avoid products that may be toxic for

Will Cleaning Vinegar Kill Mold ?

  Mold is very hazardous for your health. It causes many kinds of diseases and respiratory problems. It can grow in your home without you even knowing it. Mold loves warm, dark and moist or humid spaces. Hence, places like basements, bathrooms and kitchen are most prone to developing mold.

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