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Deciding when to clean windows can be a difficult choice. Understanding what season to clean in, type of temperature best suited for the task, and the time of day to choose to get best results can all be important aspects for picking the right time. 
Best time of year to clean windows

As a rule, you clean windows twice a year. In order to minimize dust and grime build-up on your windows, it is important to choose the right time when to clean windows. This will also save you the trouble of washing your windows more than you should. So what is the best season to clean windows ?  Best times of year to choose for the task are late spring and early fall. There are reasons behind washing windows this time of year, and they are the the following. 

Late Spring 

Spring cleaning is usually done in the beginning of the year. However, it is best to wash your windows at the end of spring. The reasons behind is the pollen and dust build-up, especially during this season, when a lot of pollen is up in the air. So, to save yourself the trouble of rewashing your windows, be sure to delay this task till the season ends. 

Cleaning Windows in Early Fall 

Fall is known for being the rainy season. And while the raindrops don’t stain your windows, dust build-up over the summer will leave your windows dirty. And the raindrops hitting the windows will leave dirt spots on them. 

Best Time of Day to Clean Windows

Late mornings and early afternoons are best times of day to take on window washing. The reasons behind this is because the mildew has cleared before afternoon and the windows have time to dry before it gets dark. You will also be able to see the leftover streaks in the daytime sun, that you can easily wipe down after the first round of wash. 

Early afternoon is the best time to clean windows

Other Window Cleaning Tips

Here are several other tips to help you with the task of washing windows. In the best practices for washing your windows, you should be going left to right on one side and top to bottom on the other. This way you’ll be able to see which side has streaks, which will be visible in the daytime sun. 
If you simply don’t have the time for washing windows, you can always call us to help you with this undertaking. While we can’t do all of the difficult to reach windows, we can help you with the interior window cleaning. Simply give us a call us today to reserve your cleaning online and add Interior Windows as an option.

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