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Spring Cleaning – Why is it a thing?

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Why Clean in Spring ?

Not that anyone needs a good reason to clean, but cleaning in spring is important for several reasons. Firstly, it’s important for one’s health and mental health. Secondly, a lot of pollen and dust tend to be up in the air around spring time. Finally, spring is the time for new beginnings, and spring cleaning can serve as an accompanying factor.

Moving around furniture, emptying your closets and taking out unnecessary items into garbage bins is only half of the process that comes with spring cleaning. Actual cleaning can be a lengthy and tedious task. Master Maid is here to help you with this necessary but also exciting deep cleaning task. Well may be it’s not THAT exciting. 

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen is usually a good place to start your spring cleaning. Getting it out of the way first will leave time for managing the rest of your home in an organized and efficient manner.

Cleaning out kitchen cupboards is an important first step. Things that may have gone stale, expired or may have even started to rot need to be tossed. Cleaning the cupboards may take some time due to spilled spices, stains or other residue. Once this task is complete, you can move on to cleaning appliances. Cleaning stove, microwave and the dishwasher is just as important as cleaning out the fridge. However, cleaning the fridge may be a bit more of an undertaking. In addition to taking expired items out of the fridge and cleaning all the shelving, defrosting your freezer and cleaning it out will insure sanitation, get rid of unpleasant scents and maintain your food in good standing longer.

Living Room and Bedrooms

Cleaning rugs, curtains, windows, window panes, and baseboards is often a part of spring cleaning. Most spring cleaning procedures also include steam cleaning furniture. While we do not steam rugs, furniture or curtains, we can help you with cleaning your windows, walls, window sills and baseboards. A good place to start while doing spring cleaning in your living room and bedrooms is taking down curtains to wash them. Then move to cleaning windows, walls and baseboards. Last thing on the spring cleaning list is cleaning the rugs and/or carpet. If you do not have access to a steamer, we will gladly help you with simply thoroughly vacuuming the rugs and carpets.


Final step of spring cleaning should be cleaning out your washrooms. Things that are included in our services for spring cleaning (which we also refer to as deep cleaning) is washing tubs, tiles, toilets, sinks and inside of any shelving you may have in your bathrooms. Similar to living and bedrooms, cleaning floors is the last step.

Best Products for Spring Cleaning

Using the right product while doing spring cleaning is extremely important. While you want to preserve your own health and the health of your loved ones, all-green cleaning products may not always be a good fit for getting rid of dust and grime that may have built up throughout the

season. Master Maid professional staff is always equipped with the best quality product that will get the job done efficiently, while we also value the importance of your health and safety, as well as we are conscious of the environment.

By using Master Maid to help you with your spring cleaning, you will ensure that you save a lot of time and headache. Rest assured, we will do the best job possible and you will be happy with the outcome


Should you Do the Spring Cleaning Yourself?

Yes! It can be fun with some music on and a great exercise for the whole family. Divide and conquer. But you can always ask one of the reputable and reliable cleaning companies (like Master Maid) to help you out with Spring cleaning. We have done quite a few of them!

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