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There’s just no argument about it, dust is the absolute worst. It gets in the hardest areas to reach, it builds up quickly, and it can even damage devices and appliances. Our beloved pets shed their fur, and many people are allergic to dust in general. No matter who you are, dust bunnies are an unwelcome sight that lurk behind every corner.

In a busy city like Toronto, dirt and dust finds its way into each and every home. To help save you some frustration, we’ve compiled a list of some ways to reduce dust! Take a look and start breathing easier.

It’s Something in the Air

The biggest problem with dust is that it’s constantly floating around us. Dust is usually a mixture of animal dander, clothing fiber, dirt, and carpet material that gathers and travels through the air.

Even though dust surrounds us constantly, there are a few different ways you can filter the air around you. Air purifiers are a great option, especially if you keep them in the most-used rooms in your home. You could also consider keeping your windows open, and plants have been shown to absorb airborne pollutants.

Keep a Routine

If you create a cleaning routine and stick with it, you’ll notice the buildup of dust in your home won’t be as bad. Cleaning up frequently with microfiber cloths will help keep dust off appliances, and dusting out hard to reach areas with something like a feather duster is a good task to add to your routine. 

Vacuum every couple of days in areas with a lot of foot traffic, and make sure the people in your home are leaving their shoes at the front door. The more you’re tidying up, the more dust you’re likely to find, especially when you have to organize objects you might not be moving otherwise.

Additional Dust Tips

If you’re keeping the air clean and tidying up on a frequent basis, then you’ve already gone a long way in the fight against dust. Still, there are some additional tasks you might forget about. 

You should be changing your furnace filter every three months, which will help reduce dust and keep your energy bill down. Shake out your rugs and blankets every so often, and if you’re willing to do some renovations to keep dust down, consider taking out any carpeting in your household.

Wash bedding, drapes, and any other cloth materials in your laundry machine every so often, and if you’re finding you don’t need some of these items on a daily basis, store them away somewhere. Speaking of storage, make sure you’re cleaning out closets and other places you don’t access every single day. 

Last but not least, consider hiring a cleaning service in Toronto to come in and clean your home on a regular basis. A team like Master Maid is happy to visit your home regularly, and we’re confident we can help reduce dust levels by setting a regular schedule. Book an appointment with us today!


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