Office Cleaning Services in Vaughan, ON

While choosing the professional business in Vaughan, it is important to understand the difference between just commercial cleaning and office cleaning. 

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Office Cleaning Services in Vaughan

While many companies offering commercial cleaning in Vaughan might include office cleaning, their specialization in office cleaning is not guaranteed. Commercial cleaning companies often offer services that regular cleaning services don’t offer – such as industrial cleaning. 

The equipment, scope of work and labour will be very different than those in office cleaning services. Similarly, there is a big difference in cleaning a restaurant, which would fall under commercial cleaning, and cleaning an office. Thus, while looking for an office cleaning service in Vaughan, it is important to differentiate it from regular commercial cleaning. Companies that specialize in cleaning car garages, for example, won’t do a great job while cleaning an office.

Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning an office is a special undertaking. It involves consideration for how many people work in an office, what volume of visitors an office has, hours of operation, etc. Offices commonly involve varying rooms – such as smaller offices, shared office space, common areas, board rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. 

Office cleaning services that we offer also consider how closely people tend to interact with one another – how big the kitchen is, how many people work in a shared space, how close offices are to one another, and how cluttered or busy shared areas are. Especially nowadays, thorough disinfection and sanitization in offices is of utmost important. 

A good office cleaning service will always consider the above mentioned details about your office and your staff. In addition, we offer deep office cleaning in Vaughan. This will involve cleaning baseboards and wall, cleaning windows, cleaning out cupboards, fridge and drawers.

Our Equipment

The equipment we use for office cleaning is similar to what we use in home cleaning. It’s similar, but not the same. Special care is always taken to sanitize and properly clean all office cleaning equipment. The equipment we use includes the following: brushes, brooms, vacuum cleaners, rags, cloths, dusting pans, mops, buckets, toilet brushes and spray bottles. While providing office cleaning services, our staff always comes fully equipped. We do not rely on equipment being available to us at your office.

Our Office Cleaning Checklist

We do have a set checklist for office cleaning, which every staff is well familiar with. Our regular office cleaning involves cleaning all common areas, cleaning private offices, boardrooms, shared spaces, printer rooms or areas, kitchen and washrooms. The checklist involves the following:

  • Cleaning, wiping and disinfecting desks, phones, computer areas
  • Vacuuming the floors
  • Mopping the floors
  • Emptying garbage bins
  • Cleaning sinks and toilers in the washrooms
  • Cleaning sinks, counters and tables in the kitchen
  • Wiping down counters, desks, filing cabinets
  • Wiping down printers

If there are special areas that our clients do not want us to touch we take special care to respect their wishes and requests. And the opposite is true – if there are special areas that our clients ask us to pay closer attention to, we make sure to thoroughly perform requested tasks.

Cost of Commercial Cleaning in Vaughan

There are many cleaning companies in Vaughan, each of which has its pricing structure. That said, the average cost of the best commercial cleaning services Vaughan has to offer ranges from $35 to $65 per hour.

Some companies may choose to charge a flat rate for a given amount of space, but generally, the total cost depends on the tasks included, the condition of the area, and other factors.

Commercial Cleaning in Vaughan at Master Maid

Master Maid is one of the leading cleaning companies in Vaughan and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. They offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services designed to meet all the cleaning needs of businesses and companies.

For instance, they offer the best commercial kitchen cleaning Vaughan has to offer, and it is something that is hard to match with other providers. They also provide post construction cleaning services, residential cleaning, office cleaning, emergency cleaning, and more.

Aside from the variety of commercial cleaning Vaughan services, Master Maid has made its mark in the cleaning business by offering reasonable rates. Businesses of every size can use their regular cleaning services or ask for a one-time cleanup. Either way, they won’t have to break the bank.

The Benefits of Master Maid Commercial Cleaning at Vaughan

If you are looking for the best professional commercial cleaning service Vaughan has to offer, look no further than Master Maid.

Aside from their high quality of service and affordable rates, they offer customizable cleaning solutions to fit the needs of each client. With their help, you can keep your commercial space clean, making it more enticing for customers.

The company is insured and bonded, which means they have you covered in case something unexpected happens. While their cleaning staff is made up of professionals, having this additional layer of security is better.

Master Maid offers a hassle-free way for you to keep your place of business clean, leaving you free to focus on other value-adding tasks.


Why Should You Use the Best Commercial Cleaning Service Vaughan Has to Offer?

It is important now more than ever for people in Vaughan to stay healthy. No one could afford to get sick and miss work all the time, as it could disrupt business continuity.

A big part of health and wellness is having clean commercial spaces to move around in. That said, it is not ideal for every business owner to invest their own time, energy, and human resources to meet their cleaning needs.

That is where the best commercial cleaning companies Vaughan has to offer come in. They have a team of cleaning experts ready to provide regular cleaning services within the Vaughan area.

Using commercial or office cleaning services of professionals is a cost-effective manner of meeting the cleaning requirements and keeping customers and employees safe.

These cleaning experts have the skills, tools, and experience to keep commercial and industrial spaces sparkling clean. What is more, most of them have a competitive pricing structure that can accommodate all budgets.


Commercial cleaning deals with commercial spaces like restaurants, retail stores, or an office. Residential cleaning applies to homes, condos, and other residential units.

The first difference between the two types of services is the size of the area being cleaned. They also differ in terms of the cleaning process and the standards the cleaners need to follow.

Commercial cleaning is more expensive because, generally, commercial spaces are bigger than residential spaces. As such, all the activities are done at a larger scale, which means bigger equipment, more tools, and more cleaning pros.
The prevailing standard for cleaning time is one hour for one cleaning staff and 3,000 to 4,000 square feet of space. That said, it will ultimately depend on the tasks included and the level of sanitation needed.
To get an estimate of the cleaning time, you should divide the size of the area or facility to be cleaned by the production rate of the cleaning staff.

Your cleaning frequency will depend on the size of your office and the number of your employees. Once a week is enough for a small office with a few staff members. Meanwhile, mid-sized companies with around 20 people must be cleaned twice or thrice a week.

Large facilities like schools will need daily cleaning, especially in the toilet and the kitchen.

We offer Office Cleaning Service in the following Areas:

Our main office is in Toronto, but our commercial cleaning services are available in the Greater Toronto Area, Oakville, North York, Vaughan, and many other cities in Ontario. You may also reach us via (647) 888-8441 for inquiries regarding our service locations.

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