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If you have pets, little children or have a busy lifestyle, you know that maintaining a clean home isn’t always an easy undertaking. Pets’ fur builds up, kids spill things, and you are always out of your home doing work or attending to other important matters; Or maybe you work from home and simply don’t have time to attend to house chores ?! All the more reasons to book a weekly cleaning service with Master Maid.

Your Health

A home that’s always clean contributes to your well being and well-being of your loved ones. Homes that are full of dust can contribute to allergies and illnesses such as asthma. Weekly cleaning doesn’t let dust and grime build up, so you are always breathing clean and fresh air. A clean home that is clutter and dirt free is also essential for your mental well-being. It has been proven that a clean and clutter-free home reduces the levels of stress.

Your Space

Once your house is clean, it is easy to maintain it as such with weekly cleaning. Fridge, counters, baths and toilets are always sparkling clean. Counters are safe to put out food on, fridge and freezer don’t have a strange scent, bathroom corners are dust free, and there is no build-up with dirt anywhere in the house. Living and dining room cleanliness are just as essential. When you have regular weekly cleanings, you don’t let the dust settle into your rugs, carpets and couches, curtains and upholstery. Thus you need to do deep cleaning a lot less. You don’t need to wash your rugs and curtains as often, don’t need to steam and clean your rugs and upholstered chairs more than twice a year, and overall need to worry less about the cleanliness of your living space.

Your Maid

There are several advantages of having a regular cleaning staff in your home. Firstly, it is a peace of mind having the same person in your home, rather than many strange people on different occasions. Most people are more comfortable with the same regular cleaning staff. Especially if it comes from a highly ranking cleaning company in Toronto. Once you tell your staff what areas are important to you, what living space you use more, and what to pay closer attention to, with Master Maid staff, you never need to repeat yourself more than one time. You get to know the maid, and the maid gets to know you and your home. She will always be ready with special tools and special care for your space.

With Master Maid, booking a weekly service is simple and hassle free. Once you have booked your first cleaning and established that you want it done regularly, you don’t need to set reminders, call multiple times, or send multiple emails. We will always send you the same staff, rest assured, who you will like and appreciate, and who in return will take great care of your home.

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Our main office is in Toronto, but our commercial cleaning services are available in the Greater Toronto Area, Oakville, North York, Vaughan, and many other cities in Ontario. You may also reach us via (647) 888-8441 for inquiries regarding our service locations.

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