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Cleaning Prices in Vaughan

The cost of a cleaning service is always an important aspect while choosing the right cleaning company for you or your business. While choosing a cleaning company it is important to look at several other aspects aside from costs – reputation, respectability, professionalism, availability, and, of course, the quality of work the cleaning company will do.

Cleaning rates in Vaughan vary greatly. As well as they will vary within a cleaning company, depending on the kinds of cleaning services you require. Commercial cleaning rates may be different from condo cleaning; and residential rates can vary depending on the scope of work, the time it takes to clean a space, the square footage of the house, condo or commercial space.

Vaughan Cleaning Pricing

Generally, the prices of cleaning services range between $45-$65 per hour. Some companies can do a flat rate fee for a given amount of space. For example, Master Maid suggests a flat fee of $149 for a 1 bedroom or bachelors apartment, or a $60 for a commercial space under 700 sq. ft. However, the cost may be greater if the resident, for example, has pets or has accumulated clutter, dishes, and dirt that will take more than average amount of time to clean. Similarly, the cost of cleaning a commercial space may be greater if there are debris that have to be taken out, or if it’s undergoing construction. At the same time, the pricing may be lower for residential or commercial cleaning, as is the case with Master Maid, in cases if it’s a regular or returning client, if a client requires a deep clean after regular cleaning services, or if we are having a promotion.

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What the Price Depends On

The way that cleaning companies decide on what to charge the client generally depends on the average going rate – cleaning pricing in Vaughan – as well as market demand. Other factors may come into play, such as their budgeting, experience, volume of work they get, how much they pay their staff, etc. However, the above factors are predetermined by the cleaning company. When the company determines what to charge the client they look at several things.

  1. The scope of work. Perhaps you need your dishes and laundry done on top of a regular cleaning service. Or perhaps you had a party and need a cleaning company to clean up the mess left after you’ve entertained. The scope of work in these cases is greater than regular cleaning services, and will cost a bit extra.
  2. The amount of time needed. Generally speaking, companies charge by the hour. If you choose to hire a cleaning company service for a certain amount of time, as mentioned above, you are looking to pay anywhere from $45 to $65 per hour per one staff member.
  3. The size of your residential or commercial space. The amount of space a cleaning company has to cover generally determines how much time is needed for the job.

How We Calculate Costs

Cleaning costs in Vaughan, whether flat rate or hourly, will be tailored in accordance to your specific situation, the type cleaning services you need, and the scope of work required. Master Maid calculates costs based on our experience. We can estimate how much time is needed for a certain amount of space if the cleaning service required doesn’t involve anything extra on top of our regular cleaning checklist. To vacuum and mop the floors, to clean all counters and all surfaces, to clean the kitchen, bathroom and living/working areas costs a regular hourly fee of $50/hr. For a pet-free home, as an example, a 4 hour service will cover a 2-3 bedroom home. We can send 2 staff members to cut the time in half. However, it does not cut the cost.

If we are familiar with your home or your commercial space, we know exactly the amount of time that will be needed to clean it. In cases with new clients, we estimate the amount of time needed based on the square footage. However, in the cases that our staff shows up to a very unclean home or polluted commercial space, we let the client know in advance of the cleaning procedure that more time will be required to clean their home or their commercial space.

House Cleaning Services Costs

Prices to clean a typical 3-4 house in Vaughan range from $229 to $269 as a flat rate. There are extra fees for things such as pet hair, finished basement space, debris or post-construction dust. As mentioned above, the scope of work will also determine if any additional time will be needed to clean your home. Our friendly Vaughan neighbourhood families usually look after their homes and maintain them in great condition. When the timing is tight with their busy lifestyles they call on us to help them maintain clean and mint condition of their beautiful homes.

Apartment Cleaning Services Costs

Similar to homes, we charge $50 per hour to clean an apartment, with a minimum of a 3 hour job. For a smaller sized apartment, the cleaning cost is $149 flat rate, given the apartment has been properly maintained. If you have accumulated dust, mold and garbage, the cleaning costs in Vaughan apartment cleaning may be a bit higher. For larger apartments, such as 2-3 bedrooms, the cost will be anywhere from $169 to $229 flat rate.

Office Cleaning Costs

Office cleaning often involves a different type of cleaning than a house cleaning, such as garbage removal, dust cleaning, wiping and cleaning of all surfaces such as floors, cabinets, counters, and glass. The costs of the cleaning of your office with Master Maid will depend on the size of the office, the amount of office spaces, desks, common areas, bathrooms and the size of the kitchen. However, the costs are usually estimated based on the square footage of the office, and accurately so. The costs range from $60 to $120 for large office spaces up to 3000 sq. ft.

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Condo Cleaning Costs

Cleaning prices in Vaughan for condo cleaning are comparable to those of house and apartment cleaning. Condos, as a rule, are the smaller in size than apartments or houses. To clean a bachelor, one or two bedroom condo will cost anywhere from $149 to $169. Again, a lot will depend on the state of cleanliness of your condo and the amount of work that needs to be done.


Master Maid often offers our clients promotions and discounts. Our regular clients get up to 15% discount for their regular cleaning services. Returning clients also get a price break, depending on the frequency and the scope of services. In addition, we often send e-mails to our subscribers about our ongoing promotional discounts.

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Our main office is in Toronto, but our commercial cleaning services are available in the Greater Toronto Area, Oakville, North York, Vaughan, and many other cities in Ontario. You may also reach us via (647) 888-8441 for inquiries regarding our service locations.

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