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How Long Does It Take To Deep Clean a House?

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Do you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a five-bedroom home? Either way, it’s natural to wonder and ask, “How long does it take to deep clean a house?”

Most people have a full schedule because of work, school, or family. As such, it can be challenging to find time for basic cleaning, much less deep cleaning. If you are in the same situation, you should know how much time you need to clean a house thoroughly. This will allow you to plan your schedule ahead and be more effective.

Before we answer this question, let us first discuss what deep cleaning is and what sets it apart from regular cleaning.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is the process of eliminating stubborn dirt and grime throughout the house using different tools and cleaning supplies. Regular house cleaning involves simple tasks, like picking up clutter; deep cleanings are more extensive. That’s why they require more cleaning time and greater effort from the cleaners.

How Long Does a Deep Clean Take for a Residential House?

Do you want to have your house professionally cleaned or plan to do it yourself? In any case, it is important to know how long to deep clean a house.

This way, you can estimate the hours you need for the task. You could also use this information to approximate how much you would have to pay if you use maid services.

Note that no two houses are the same. If you want a part of your house deep cleaned, add at least one hour to the time it takes to do a regular clean. Of course, the actual time cleaning will depend on many variables, like square footage and having pets or many occupants.

What Is Included in a Deep House Cleaning?

Deep cleaning services are comprehensive and include many tasks. Let’s look at each one more closely to know how many hours to deep clean a house.

Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is important to keep this part of the house neat and tidy. A thorough cleanup here includes cleaning the top of your stove, the inside of your oven, and your refrigerator. It also includes dusting cabinets and other small appliances.

All these tasks are added on top of regular cleaning activities, like wiping down counters and disinfecting them.

Deep Cleaning Your Bedrooms

The bedroom is a bit harder to assess when it comes to thorough cleanings. If you do regular cleaning consistently, you only need to spend a small amount of time cleaning it from top to bottom. However, if you have a lot of clutter lying around, you have a tough road ahead of you.

Start by picking up all the stuff from the floor, then strip the bed and flip the mattress. Next, dust and wipe down all surfaces, including curtains and blinds. After this, vacuum the floor and the area beneath the bed. Finally, remake the bed and launder the old beddings.

Deep Cleaning Your Bathrooms

Among the things to deep clean in your house, the bathroom is arguably the toughest to tackle. That’s because it accumulates soap scum, grime, and other forms of contamination over time.

The most critical tasks when deep cleaning bathrooms are the descaling of shower heads and cleaning of shower curtains or doors. You also have to clean the counter, walls, floor, ceiling, sink, and grout between the tiles. Of course, you need to make your toilet sparkling clean, too.

Deep Cleaning Your Living Room

When it comes to the living room, and most other rooms for that matter, it is best to clean from top to bottom. This way, you do not have to retrace your step every time dust and debris fall down.

Start by dusting the ceiling and overhead fixtures. Next, take on the windows and all wall decorations. After this, clean all soft surfaces, including furniture upholstery. From there, you can wipe down all high-touch surfaces like switches, doorknobs, and desks.

Before you move on to vacuuming the floors, gather all the remaining clutter and put them away or donate them.

Deep Cleaning Your Dining Room

Unlike the bathroom or even the bedroom, the dining room is a bit easier to manage. You can start by disinfecting light switches and all outlets. Next, wipe down all furniture, including the inside of those used for storage. Finally, replace the curtains and load the old ones in the washer.

Deep Cleaning Your Hall and Stairs

For the hall, prioritize cleaning windows and window sills. Also, make sure you wipe down all light switches and baseboards. As for the stairs, vacuum the steps and brush the treads. Start from the top and work your way to the bottom.

Deep Clean Your Home with a Professional Deep Cleaning Service

Now that you’ve had a closer look at its components, you have a better idea of how long to deep clean a house. The task can be overwhelming, but you can always leave it to a professional cleaner.

If you know where to look, you’ll realize that it is easy to find a cleaning business that offers top-notch deep cleaning services at a reasonable price.

Master Maid House Deep Cleaning Service To Save Your Time

Even if you are pressed for time, this is no reason to neglect your cleaning needs. Let Master Maid take care of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and all the other parts of your house.

We have professional cleaners who are trained to provide different cleaning services, including residential cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and more. More importantly, you can access any of these our services without breaking the bank.

How Long To Clean House FAQs

1. What is the fastest way to deep clean a house?

The quickest way to deep clean a house is to hire professional cleaners. You should also use regular cleaning services so that you can focus on the more important things.

2. What is the difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning?

Basic cleaning involves light housekeeping tasks like general dusting, emptying the trash, and cleaning floors. It usually follows a once-a-week cleaning schedule.

3. How often should you deep clean your house?

Whether you use a cleaning service or do it yourself, you should do a deep cleaning once or twice a year.

4. How do you calculate cleaning hours?

If you are wondering how long to clean house spaces, get your home’s square footage and divide it with your or your cleaner’s production rate.

Trust the Professionals

Deep cleaning is part of every homeowner’s responsibility, but not everyone has the time to do it. The good thing is that we at Master Maid are here for you. We offer high-quality cleaning services to homeowners, businesses, and everyone else who needs it.

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